How do I transfer my domain from my current registrar to you?

Before transferring your domain to us, you must make sure that your domain is unlocked by your current domain registrar and your domain's whois information is correct.

To transfer your domain, please start by placing a domain transfer order on our site. Enter the domains you wish to transfer in the domain name field. After you are done entering the domain you wish to transfer, click 'Next'. The rest of the process is easy to do and includes instructions.

The Registrant owner information that you enter during the transfer process must be EXACTLY the same as the owner information listed on the Whois of your current Registrar. If the Registrant is a Company, please enter the name of the company in the Company name field. If the Registrant is a person, please enter the information in the first and last name fields. You may also enter owner information in both fields, if you wish. A confirming e-mail will be sent to the Administrative contact's e-mail address.

(NOTE: The Administrative contact may not always be the Registered owner). The administrative contact's email must be current. We make all of our contacts through the Administrative contact and will not be able to complete the transfer process without this confirmation.

Domains cannot be transferred until they have been registered with your current Registrar for at least 60 days.

If the domain information needs to be accessed by someone other than the account owner, you will need to create a separate account for that domain.

If all information is correct and the administrative contact for your domain does approve the transfer, your domain will be transferred to us within 10 days.

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