How do I view files that begin with a '.' in my FTP client?

Files that begin with a '.' are hidden. Generally, these files contain configuration information and are hidden so that they are not accidentally deleted. If you need to modify a hidden file like .htaccess, then you will need to view hidden files so you can delete and upload them.

There are several ways to edit, delete, and upload hidden files. If you are using an FTP client, you should be able to change the settings so that your hidden files are viewable.

Below is the instructions for WS_FTP program

To view hidden files in WS_FTP you will want to make sure that nothing is selected/clicked on or highlighted in blue in the remote system list, and then click the transfer arrow. You will be prompted for the file name and can type in filenames that begin with a period that do not display in the file listings. See also Ipswitch's WS_FTP support page:

Another thing you can do is look for the MkDir button on the display for the remote site. Under it is a blank box. In that blank box, type: -la
That will cause all files in the directory to be listed, even hidden ones that begin with a period. See also Ipswitch's WS_FTP page on this:

If you do not have WS_FTP, you can download it from Ipswitch here:

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